Dalos Stone on the Dalos Hill

The Dalos Stone stands at the footpaths above the Dalos Mountain ski slope at the foot of the TV tower, which is reminiscent of the first Hungarian song contest held in 1863 with the participation of nearly 600 singers.

In its immediate vicinity you can find the monument of Viktor Altdörfer, a prominent 19th-century pianist and music teacher in Sopron. His father, Keresztély Altdörfer, the cantor of the Lutheran congregation in Sopron discovered the exceptional musical talent of the child Béla Bartók in Nagyszőlös, when he visited his mother who was teaching there. A few meters from the memorial stone of Viktor Altdörfer, you can enjoy the view of Sopron from the Dalos Hill Lodge.

GPS coordinates: 47.66192669391563, 16.570741240530275

9400, Sopron Dalos-kő
GPS: 47.661811 / 16.570763