Cream vegetable soup Hegykő style with dill meatballs

As people in Hegykő say, “There is no good soup without Hegykő vegetables!” Let's find out ourselves!

Carrots grown along Lake Neusiedl (Fertő) have been a well-known and popular product for 200 years. It differs from carrots grown in different parts of the country in that it is redder in colour, sweeter, has an intense taste, is long, smooth, and has no branching. In addition to the "Fertődi red" variety, the Nanti type varieties with shorter growing seasons are also grown depending on market needs, which also proves the excellence of the production area. Thanks to the characteristics of the region, the parsley root also feels home here, as it becomes morphologically beautiful, smooth, without branches, and from the point of view of culinary enjoyment, it has a strong spicy taste and aroma. In Hegykő, it was János Som who won the right to use the Hungarian Flavours and Regions (HÍR) trademark.

We recommend a soup made from Hegykő vegetables in our recipe collection:

Cream vegetable soup Hegykő style with dill meatballs

Ingredients: 2 carrots, 1 turnip, 3-4 smaller kohlrabies, 1 small celery, 1 small onion, 2-3 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp homemade spice mixture, 200ml cream, 500ml cream, 1 l broth (or water), 100ml dry white wine (e.g. Chardonnay), salt, white pepper, dill, butter, oil, 150gr turkey breast, 2 eggs, a little breadcrumbs

Preparation of the soup: fry the vegetables and onions cut into strips or grated with a pumpkin grater. Season with dill, salt, white wine, and stock to taste. Add milk and broth (or water), cook the vegetables until soft, season with white wine, thicken with a creamy whisk and then bring to a boil.

Preparation of the meatballs with dill: fry the onions, grind it together with the turkey meat, mix with runny bechamel sauce, and mix well with dill, salt, white pepper, and eggs. If too soft, add breadcrumbs to thicken, tear out 2-3 cm dumplings, and cook. Sprinkle dill on top and serve! (The Flavours of the Alpokalja-Fertő Region recipe book)