Cobblestone Children's Museum (Eggenberg House)

The Eggenberg House, located at 12 Szent György Street, a building that has played a significant role in the town's church history, is now home to the Cobblestone Children's Museum.

In the second half of the 17th century - during the period of the Counter-Reformation - it was the site of Lutheran church services that were forbidden in the town, where the pastor spoke to the faithful on an ornate stone pulpit upstairs opposite the street gate.

In 2017, the Sopron Museum opened its new exhibition area here, which is a gap-filling community space where children can playfully discover the world of bygone eras in their own ways. In the Cobblestone Museum, the children's museum is located in the street front, and in the part of the building that opens to the courtyard there is a museum education room.

The exhibition features old objects from Roman times to the present day related to children's daily routine, such as sleeping, bathing and dressing. These are from the museum’s various collections and are stored in traditional containers. The artefacts are accompanied by short descriptions and texts revealing their interesting features. One special feature of the Cobblestone Museum is that behind the thematic arrangement an internal, interactive space opens up, where the little ones can learn in the exhibition space in a sensorial way by solving playful tasks. They can feast at an ancient dining table, play with games that are a century old, they can also sit in a hundred-year-old school desk, or they can try out how a child of their age once dressed.

Cobblestone Children's Museum in Eggenberg House is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ticket office is closed at 17:30.

Between December 11 and 17. 2023, the Macskakő Children's Museum will be closed for renovations!