City history in dates

6th millennium BC: the city area has been inhabited since the Neolithic

Ca 700 BC: the early Iron Age Hallstatt culture fortifications are created around Sopron

Early 1st century AD: the founding of Scarbantia, the Roman predecessor of Sopron along Borostyánkő street

First half of the 11th century: The castle overseer’s office of Sopron is established, the first overseer of which (Suprun) is the one Sopron is named after

1277: Sopron becomes a royal city via a charter of king Ladislaus IV of Hungary

1557: Founding the Lyceum, the oldest school in Sopron; the rise of the Reformation in Sopron

1604: Kristóf Lackner, the outstanding mayor of the city, founded the Sopron Society of Noble Scientists. The 17th century golden age of Sopron starts with his mayorship.

1625: Hungarian king Habsburg Ferdinand III is crowned with the Holy Crown of Hungary in Sopron.

1676: The fire in Sopron, after which the present-day historical city centre was established over the medieval ruins.

1681: Our city serves as the seat of the Sopron Parliament; the Fire Tower (City Tower) gained its shape and height known today.

1919: The Academy of Mining and Forestry in Banská Štiavnica (Selmecbánya) moves its headquarters to Sopron, making Sopron a university town.

December 14-16, 1921: As a result of the referendum in Sopron, Sopron and the surrounding 8 settlements remain part of Hungary.

1922: Sopron receives the title of the Most Loyal City (Civitas Fidelissima) from the National Assembly.

1975: Hungary's 2nd richest city in monuments receives the European Prize for Monument Protection.

August 19, 1989: During the Pan-European Picnic in Piuszpuszta near Sopron, hundreds of East German citizens break through the Iron Curtain, the border area dividing Europe.

1991: Sopron receives the status of city with county rights.

2001: The Parliament declares December 14 the Day of Loyalty in Hungary.

2015: The start of the Modern Cities Program, in the framework of which the reconstruction of the historic city centre begins.

2021: The Municipality of Sopron declares the 100th anniversary of the referendum in Sopron an official commemorative year