Church of Saint Margaret of the Árpád dynasty (Juliáneum)

The chapel belonging to the parish of St. Margaret of Árpádháza in Lővérek, Sopron, and the parish priest's apartment were established in an Art Nouveau-style villa, which is an early work of architect Károly Schármár from Sopron.

The interior of the church and the sacristy were constructed from three rooms on the ground floor of the villa. The chapel was consecrated in 1943, its bells were cast in 1948.

The 1945 foundation of the parish is attributed to Bishop Blessed Vilmos Apor, who already pointed out at that time that the chapel was only a temporary house of God, a new church for the parish should be built as soon as possible.

In 2011 the decision was made that the bishop’s idea should be realized. The new modern church was consecrated on May 1, 2015.