Chantry house a.k.a Vitnyédy house

In the historical centre of Sopron, a rich variety of architectural styles can be seen on the facades of historic buildings. In this building, however, we can see the face of the builder and owner, who sticks his tongue out on us.

The late Renaissance house next to St. George's Church was built by lawyer István Vitnyédy. From 1664 until his death in 1670 he was the organizer of the Wesselényi conspiracy, which resulted in the execution of Ferenc Nádasdy, Péter Zrínyi and Miklós Frangepán in 1671. He was a confidant of the poet and warlord Miklós Zrínyi, he also took part in that wild boar hunt that ended with Zrínyi's death. Similarly to the other leader of the conspiracy, palatine Ferenc Wesselényi, he escaped prosecution and the death sentence because he died before the conspiracy was exposed. However, his property including his house in Sopron was confiscated, the Jesuits and then by the Chantry of St. George received it. On the wooden carving above the gate you can see a serious man with a big moustache and a distorted face sticking out his tongue, both are portraits of the adventurous lawyer István Vitnyédy. According to legend, the distorted head sticks out his tongue on the envious people of Sopron, who sued him for building a larger building than usual.

9400, Sopron Szent György utca 7.
GPS: 47.685325 / 16.591651