Castle Hill Lookout Tower

Surrounded by one of the tallest rampart systems in Europe, the 900-meter-long and 350-meter-wide Iron Age Hill Fort has one of the most beautiful wooden lookouts in Hungary.

It is one of the oldest lookout towers in the Sopron Park Forest, and it offers perhaps the most beautiful panorama of the forests surrounding Sopron and the neighbouring Austrian landscape. At the foot of the tower, you can find a tomb reconstruction presenting the mound-building Hallstatt culture, the monument of Lajos Bella, the archaeologist who was the first to excavate the mounds, and the Archaeological Heritage Trail that has been presenting the outstanding Iron Age archaeological site since 2018.

GPS coordinates: 47 ° 39 '58.8 "N, 16 ° 31' 57.1" E

9400, Sopron Várhely-kilátó
GPS: 47.666350 / 16.532550