Baker’s house

In the house with its special atmosphere in the Poncichter district housed a bakery as early as the in 16th century. Since 1975the exhibition of the Sopron Museum has been presenting the life of the bakers in Sopron.

The first known baker to own the house was Joachim Hübner between 1686 and 1699. The former bakery is in the right wing of the building, and on the left, there is a two-room baker’s apartment with a kitchen. At the end of the 19th century, the former flour store was converted into a confectionery according to the demands. The bread shop operated in the front room, which was divided later when the confectionery was created. The baker's family lived to the right of the arched entrance gate, the furnishing of their kitchen and two small rooms faithfully reflect the way of life of a craftsman-civic family of the late 19th century. The craftsmen always had a few square yards of grapes and in addition to their earnings, they also engaged in selling wine, as indicated by the goat-legged table and long benches under the gate entrance.

The Baker's House in Sopron was ceremoniously opened in 1975, when the first visitors were received with croissants and pretzels, due to the director of the Sopron Bread Factory.

The Sopron Museum's seasonal exhibitions, such as the Apothecary's House, the Baker's House and the Old Synagogue, are closed from October 16 to April 2024.