Active experiences in the Sopron Region

Our region also offers various exciting programs for those looking for active experiences.

Day 1

Várisi promenade, forest gym - Adventure park

While hiking in the Sopron Park Forest, you can learn about nature with the help of several lookouts and nature trails. The Várisi promenade (3.3 km) also serves as a study trail, it briefly presents the famous values of Sopron and its surroundings with photos. The first gymnasium in the country was established here. Some forest gymnastics equipment was also installed at nearly 30 of the stations. You will also find boards with recommendations for exercises.

Our adventure park, which is located on the road to the Charles Lookout Tower in the Lőverek in Sopron, offers even more active and exciting forms of exercise. Here, you’ll find huge trees, fresh forest air, and 120 hard but enjoyable training spots.

Day 2

Cycling along the Fertő shore - Route: Sopron, Deák square - Sopronkőhida - Fertőrákos - Sopron-Balf - Fertőboz - Nagycenk - Kópháza - Harka - Sopron, Deák square

Sopron and the shores of Lake Neusiedl (Fertő) are also worth exploring by bike. Whether you use your own bike or rent one on-site, you will enjoy the cultural and natural beauties of the Sopron region.

When selecting the route, you will have several options regarding the length and the theme, but today, we will follow a route to the past and head to Fertőd, to the Esterházy Castle. From Sopron, the road leads through Tómalom, where you can swim in the water of the lake. Leaving Tómalom, we reach the World Heritage site. In Fertőrákos you can see the Mithras Shrine and the Quarry. Arriving in Fertőboz, don’t miss the magnificent view from the Gloriette Lookout. It is also worth stopping at Hegykő, Csipkeház and Fertőszéplak and enjoy the sight of the country houses, where you can learn about the folk customs of the Fertő region. Continuing to Fertőd, you will reach the Esterházy Castle with its splendour of aristocratic life! Along the way, you can also stop for some good must (grape juice) to freshen up!

Day 3

Cyclamen nature trail

The Lőverek is a climatic health resort, and today, we will hike following the route of the Cyclamen nature trail enjoying the clean air. The first nature trail in the country starts at Hotel Lövér, passes the Deák fountain and continues in the direction of the Károly-elevation car park. The next stop is the Seven Beech Tree (Hét bükkfa) and the scenic Triple Spring (Hármas-forrás). Then, passing the early Iron Age burial mounds cemetery, the nature trail leads to the Castle Lookout Tower, which is located in the early Iron Age castle, surrounded by the highest ramparts in Hungary. A little further out, you will enjoy the picturesque sight of Sopronbánfalva, where the 8600 m long hiking trail containing 12 signs ends. On tourist maps, the nature trail is marked with a letter C in red, and in the forest, with a cyclamen.


Day 4

Canoeing - Bird watching - Buggy

Enjoy the beauties of nature at sunrise - if this is how your day starts, you won't mind having to get up early! During the canoe tour, we will show you the areas of the Fertő-Hanság National Park that can only be visited with a guide, and which perfectly represent the huge and untouched reeds of Lake Neusiedl, its highly protected areas and its wildlife. (Don’t worry if you don’t want to get up early, as you will also have the opportunity to take part in this fantastic tour at sunset).

You can also extend the program and take part in a morning bird watching session. An experienced professional tour guide will show you the diversity of the countryside with great enthusiasm.

During the day you can rent a buggy, which is a very exciting combination of exercise, hiking and extreme sports. What could it be like when this 900cm3, 75hp engine roars up under you? This is a feeling that needs first-hand experience.

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