Solar boat tours

Discover the secrets of the reedbed of Lake Neusiedl, the second largest reed-covered area in Europe, aboard a solar boat!

Join a solar boat tour organized by the Fertő-Hanság National Park, where the solar-powered boat glides silently through the Hanság main canal towards the open water surface of Lake Neusiedl, Silver Lake. As the boat moves almost unnoticed, it is possible to observe waterfowl species, reed songbirds and mammals hiding in the reeds of the lake. Along the way, you can learn about the special flora and fauna, the hydrography and legends of the lake in the interpretation of the tour guide, and even travel back to the time of the Cold War. The "MAFI" high-altitude watchtower is guarding the landscape even today, where border guards once spied on the horizon, searching for illegal border crossings. You can even see the fishing hut of József Heiner still standing today, who, as a fish guard, guarded the tranquillity of the wild water of Lake Fertő (Neusiedl).

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