Kővári Basket House

You can choose from the works of more than 1000 craftsmen on 2000 m2. Additional to basket-work there is a wide range of interior furnishing, garden accessories and souvenirs.

Renew your home with high-quality teak-wood, rattan and basket-work furniture. Dress up your garden with various ceramic plant pots, wattle flower bins and clever garden decorations. Return to your home with hand-made souvenirs, games for children and kitchen accessories. Owing to its free-of-charge pet-caressing the Basket House is a popular excursion program for the whole family. The available products are not harmful for health and environment-friendly. Borrow your personal articles from the nature!

Address: 9400 Sopron Zarándok u. 7. (beside the main road no. 84 at the end of Győri út)
Phone: 00 36 30 530 1702
Web: www.korbhaus.at ; www.kosarhaz.hu
E-mail: info@kosarhaz.hu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kosarhaz