Fairy festival in Sopron

So what is a Fairy Festival? What do you need to know about it if you haven’t followed the fairies yet?

This is the celebration of fairies and elves in Sopron. More precisely: the celebration of the fairies and elves of the Lőverek, the Fertő-Hanság and the Harka plains, to which the children of the area are invited. And since people live in families, there are a good number of adults at the festival.

It is recommended to wear a fairy wing and an elf’s hat.

Once the fairies and elves visit us, let’s make them happy by disguising ourselves in their clothes for a day. Especially because the purpose of the whole fairy festival is to discover our own fairy or elf character.

How do you know that fairy or elf blood runs in your veins?

- you really like to play and laugh,

- you are a little cheeky,

- you really like to please others,

- you know for sure that plants and animals are your brothers, you love to be among them, you protect them if necessary,

- if you often fly in your dreams,

- if your smile has a magical power (you can easily try this out),

- if butterflies, dragonflies or fireflies often fly on you,

- if you see a fairy or an elf even when there is no Fairy Festival yet.

The Fairy Festival is held every June.