Deák Spring

The Deák Spring is the oldest known spring in Sopron, which has long been a popular excursion destination for the town's residents.

There are more than 30 springs on the Hungarian side of the Sopron Mountains. The oldest and most visited of these is the Deák Spring, which can be considered the “cradle” of the Park Forest. In 1827, the youth of the lyceum founded an association called Deákspring County to nurture the growing national feeling, which was symbolically named after the spring. In 1918, the Lyceum Student Association was founded, which in 1922, together with the City Beautification Association, renovated the spring and its surroundings. A protective wall was built over the spring, the swampy area was cleared, and the water was drained. A stone carved above the spring was erected with the inscription: “Deák Spring! Be a source of innocent joy for a long time! ”

The spring originates at the eastern foot of Károly Hill. It can be reached on foot from the beginning of Récényi út, deviating from the tourist route marked with a green line. Its water is not drinkable.

GPS coordinates: 47.66833834816207, 16.563434258098862

9400, Sopron Deák-kút
GPS: 47.668097 / 16.563470